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Feed Control System

Fixed Displacement

Rexroth Motor

4 Second



The Mastodon M60-F Forestry Mulcher is designed to make quick work of the toughest mulching jobs. The M60-F features enhanced mulching speeds made possible by the Mastodon feed control cutting system which provides the cutting performance of sharp steel with the maintenance-free longevity of carbide.

The M60-F is driven by a Rexroth bent-axis piston pump combined with an industry leading direct drive train that requires no tuning to the skid steer.


Spec for spec there is no substitute for a Mastodon Mulcher.  A Mastodon works faster, stronger, and smarter crushing the competition and dominating the world of high performance land clearing.

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Mastodon Mulchers come equipped with patented feed control cutting technology. Each tool acts as an independent feed control system  that controls the feed rate and greatly reduces stalling the rotor.  Allowing a Mastodon head to achieve sharp steel performance with the strength and longevity of carbide.

Each Mastodon cutting tooth has a feed control feature,

a deep gullet feature for maximum chip storage

and an engineered carbide cutting feature.

This provides ultra fast mulching speeds while consistently producing high quality finish material.

The Mastodon cutting system is available with high production carbide for high speed mulching or hammer carbide for enhanced durability in rocky conditions 

The patented feed control cutting tools keeps the rotor weight to a minimal, allowing for the fastest recovery times in the industry.  


The Mastodon M60-F features an exclusive direct drive train that puts all available power to the rotor providing instant torque and delivering superior mulching performance. By using a direct drive train the M60-F eliminates all the wear prone moving parts associated with belt drive systems ensuring lasting reliability in applications where high stress and extended  work cycles will be seen

Two 150mm bearings support the rotor protecting the entire drive system from lateral and radial shock loads associated with forestry mulching.




Cutting width:   

Required Horsepower:

Motor displacement:

Number of Carbides:


Trees Size:   

Rotor RPM:   

Rotor spool up:

Rotor stop time:









 1800rpm Max         

4-7 seconds       

3-4 seconds       


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