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 Dual Mode          Frame


ECU processes per second


Variable piston motor

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The Mastodon Model M60-C forestry mulcher offers mulching contractors the highest performance of any mulching attachment ever produced for skid steers and compact track loaders.  Armed a class dominating 160cc variable piston motor and E-Tech an exclusive ECU smart drive system that adapts and controls the displacement of the motor to produce instant torque and superior mulching performance in every application. The M60-C can be tuned to any machine in seconds using Bluetooth and a simple smart phone app or with the in cab monitor. The head comes equipped with a patented planer carbide cutting system with a bite limiting tooth that achieves sharp steel performance with the strength and longevity of carbide. The M60-C comes standard with hydraulically controlled dual-mode cutting chamber that adjusts to control debris discharge and allow effortless transitions from R.O.W to residential applications.

Spec for spec there are no mulching attachments on the market that come close to competing with a Mastodon.  Faster, stronger, and smarter, a Mastodon outclasses the competition and dominates the world of high-performance land clearing

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 E-TECH is an ECU smart drive that monitors and adapts the variable piston motor for optimum performance on any machine. The ECU housing is IP69K rated passing the highest standards in durability and elemental protection.  This system accelerates the rotor to a top speed of 2200rpms on any machine regardless of hydraulic flow.

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Bluetooth Tuning


E-TECH allows the mulcher to be tuned to any machine in seconds using Bluetooth and a simple smart phone app. The app has a digital flow reading function that tests and displays the skid loaders flow, the operator can then use the in-app GPM picker to instantly tune the mulcher. This allows the head to be switched between multiple machines with zero downtime. E-TECH tuning is 100% accurate and superior to a factory in field technician.  


  • Tracks Total Mulcher Hours

  • Built-in flow test function

  • No down time switching between machines

  • No technician required

  • 100% accurate

  • Bluetooth enabled

  • Easy to use smart phone app

  • 160cc power on any flow.

  • Lift Assist

In Cab Monitor 

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Easy to Read Info Screen

The Mastodon M60-C comes standard with a smart drive system that features an exclusive in cab attachment monitor with touch screen controls, this allows operators real time feed back of every vital mulcher parameter including RPM's, pressure, heat, unit hours and consumable life.  

Main Screen.png

 Screen Controlled Tuning

The Mastodon in cab monitor has a touchscreen interface that allows the operator to tune the mulcher from the cab. A built-in digital pressure and flow reader can test the skid steer accurately to 1 tenth of a GPM. 

GPM Test.png

Power Optimizer 

The E-TECH smart drive in cab monitor boasts a number of technical features to increase operator productivity including a power optimizer gauge. The power optimizer combines the ideal attachment pressure with the ideal attachment rpms to provide a truly intuitive operating experience.      


Built-in Job Meter

Job Hours.png

The E-TECH smart drive comes comes with an exclusive hour logging feature that not only tracks the total attachment hours for better resale, it also has a job hour function that provides operators with a easy way to track job progress.

Tooth Life Tracker

The E-TECH smart drive in cab monitor comes with a resettable tooth life counter functions that gives operators a quick  reference on  the estimated number of hours left on the cutting tools.   

Tooth Life.png

In-Cab Touchscreen Controller

Dual Mode Frame

The Mastodon M60-C  comes standard with an exclusive

two-mode cutting chamber giving operators fingertip control of the size of mulch produced and the degree of broadcasting desired.

When the door is open the breaker bar swings out of the way allowing for an open cutting chamber for faster production and more broadcasting.

Perfect for right-of-way applications. 

When the door is closed the breaker bar swings to within 1/8" of the cutting teeth instantly adapting for fine mulch quality and less throw debris. 

Ideal for site prep and urban settings.


The door features a rugged hidden cylinder design that houses all components within the frame preventing damage and insuring lasting reliability.


Mastodon Mulchers come equipped with patented feed control cutting technology. Each tool acts as an independent feed control system  that controls the feed rate and greatly reduces stalling the rotor.  Allowing a Mastodon head to achieve sharp steel performance with the strength and longevity of carbide.

cutting system 2.jpg
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Each Mastodon cutting tooth has a feed control feature,

a deep gullet feature for maximum chip storage

and an engineered carbide cutting feature.

This provides ultra fast mulching speeds while consistently producing high quality finish material.


The Mastodon cutting system is available with high production carbide for high speed mulching or hammer carbide for enhanced durability in rocky conditions 

The patented bite limiting tooth used in the mastodon system keeps the rotor weight to a minimal, allowing for the fastest recovery times in the industry.  


The Mastodon M60-C features an exclusive direct drive train that puts all available power to the rotor providing instant torque and delivering superior mulching performance. By using a direct drive train the M60-C eliminates all the wear prone moving parts associated with belt drive systems ensuring lasting reliability in applications where high stress and extended  work cycles will be seen

Two 150mm bearings support the rotor protecting the entire drive system from lateral and radial shock loads associated with forestry mulching.



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Forestry Mulchers Bronze.png


Cutting Width:   
Overall Width:

Required Horsepower:
Motor displacement:
Number of Carbides:
Trees Size:   
Rotor RPM:   
Rotor spool up:
Rotor stop time:
In cab monitor:


4-7 seconds       
3-4 seconds       


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