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About our Process

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We are a completely independent company. This allows us the freedom to rapidly advance product technology. Our innovations have advanced nearly every facet of the industry with many of our technical achievements being adopted as the new standard throughout the market.

A core value at DFM is, and always will be, customer service. We feel our obligation does not end when a unit is sold. That’s why every DFM attachment is proudly made in the USA using the highest quality components, and every attachment we produce comes with a guarantee of performance, safety, and ease of use.


Before each DFM attachment reaches the hands of the end user the design must be proven worthy of the DFM name, this involves hundreds of hours of prototype testing before production begins.  We start our design process with comprehensive stress analysis on the materials used, when one of our products has passed this phase of development it is shipped to an offsite location for real world torture testing. This involves our test operators spending months gathering data on real world problems that cannot be calculated on a computer. Any problem that may surface requires the unit to be brought back, and disassembled. The failure is identified and addressed and then the unit is sent back to the field for further testing.  Only when the product can hold up in to the most grueling offsite testing without any failures do we consider it production ready.  All of this is done with a singular goal in mind…to provide our customers with exceptional land clearing products

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